While living in the Willamette Valley, Portland Metro area, California's Lost Coast, and the Southern Oregon Coast for many years, a vast network of roads, routes, interesting places and fantastic vistas have been explored.

Two wheel exploration has taken place over the years and great enjoyment has always come from finding that perfect portion of road, a place, or a view along the way.

Often scouring every possible type of map for personal interest would result in follow-up exploration of roads noted. Sometimes simply taking "that road over there" or a different direction would find a new place or way to go. Inquiry and word of mouth led to some more great tips. These have been cataloged by yellow highlighter on maps with notes, and more recently by plotting on Streets and Trips. It's time to get this info out for others to enjoy!

Where possible, information regarding difficulty, amenities, nearby roads, places, and things to see or do will be noted or added over time. Please note that there are some roads that have not been visited for awhile, and while many have been improved, some may have deteriorated. As some point, as time permits, revisiting will take place and an update to conditions noted. Please submit an update if road closure or other adverse condition is encountered!

Thank you for visiting Two Wheel Oregon!